Vicki Russell

Dr Vicki Russell PhD has a BBSc (Justice) and a MSocSc (Police Studies). She is a Churchill Fellow 2001 (research on assistance and transformative mentoring) and holds a Diploma in Project Management.

Vicki has a professional work history grounded in trauma counselling, community work in the alcohol and other drug sector and more recently concluded a five-year role as CEO with NOFASD Australia acquiring a specialist knowledge on FASD before moving into FASD consultancy work. She has trained in narrative practice (including professional supervision) which has had a profound impact on her approach to working with people. She has completed training in FASD assessment and diagnosis; community based risk assessment; and onsite training in the Parent-Child Assistance program in Seattle, Washington State, USA. and has a Certificate of Mastery in the Fetal Alcohol-Neurobehavioural approach through FASCETS Inc in Portland, Oregon. Vicki has presented at conferences and facilitated training at national and international events.

For over 25 years, Vicki has developed and delivered education and training programs on sexual assault; trauma; and a range of issues related to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder for professional and non-professional groups across all levels of prevention. Vicki facilitated weekly group sessions for three years (2009 to 2011) to all residents in a Tasmanian youth detention facility aware that FASD is overrepresented among youth offenders. Her particular interest areas in consultancy work are the impact of post-birth trauma on those living with FASD and the impact of vicarious trauma in the lives of parents who care for them. She is keen to advance Australia’s understanding of the impact of FASD on the lives of adolescents and adults.

Ph: 0400 133 107