Adelle Rist

Adelle will be the first to tell you that Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a challenging area and one which is not yet understood. There is a limited knowledge of FASD and the spectrum of disabilities leading to a general misunderstanding at best and at worst, an incredibly disempowering response to the needs of those living with FASD. Many who seek help (individuals and families) are coping with multiple life issues that impact on their overall health and general wellbeing.

Adelle entered the FASD arena following work in the community in the alcohol and other drug and mental health sector. Her professional experiences and counselling expertise means she can offer positive support, case management and advocacy for individuals and families living with FASD. Adelle brings compassion, commitment, energy and enthusiasm to her work and recognises developing and delivering targeted education and training on FASD to Australian audiences is critical to building service provider capacity to better support for individuals and their families.

Tel: 0429 044 746